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After Shadow Fight 3 has been published in November, over 100 million players have already downloaded it. All over the world players are meeting each other to find out who the best fighter is. To win every battle is not easy though. The fighting system is tough and needs to be learned before succeeding first. At the beginning you will probably lose many matches, but after time you should get the hang of it. Indeed it is crucial to make the right move first, but don’t forget to also observe your enemy’s movement. Learning by doing basically. In the end you are always smarter, that’s why you shouldn’t blame yourself if you try something which isn’t controlled by yourself. 

Even casual gamers can have some fun here. In the end there aren’t many hardcore players in the game overall. It is beginner friendly, everyone who has never played a video game before will get used to it eventually. What is even better is that you do not have pay for the game at all. It is literally free of charge, however there are a few in game purchases within the game. Those are for gems which are the premium currency of the game. Every free to play game has something like a premium currency. It is a currency with which you can buy other stuff in the game. Normally those things are very hard to obtain, so you can make it yourself easier if you spend money for the premium currency. Or you can also use our Shadow Fight 3 Hack to get gems completely for free. This is really the best way to get your gems without paying anything.